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At Goalcast, our goals are ambitious, often flirting with what others call “impossible”, and we only want to partner with high-achievers who are ready to step up to the plate.

We’re in the business of changing the world, and that takes partners with a vision as big as ours.

So, this all begins with you. YOU must have a compelling story that - when presented properly - will go viral.

and WE make sure that your story reaches millions and empowers people all over the world
Our Reach
Success Stories
Dr. Rick Rigsby
Best Selling Author & Motivational Speaker
“ [...] We have received more calls, more emails and more responses than any other time in 30 years.

So I want to take this opportunity to make sure I say thank you [...] ”

(14,401 book sold directly from the link)
John Assaraf
Spiritual Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Teacher
“Thank you so much for the amazing video you created and posted on Goalcast. You really were able to extract a story from me that I’ve never shared with anyone and as a result we’ve already gotten 5 million views and people LOVE IT!

As a result of the video we already got 7247 leads and generated $25,371 already​​​​​WOW!

​​​​​​​I appreciate what you guys have done and look forward to doing more together!”

William H. McRaven
United States Navy Admiral
" As graduation season ended, sales slowed and by last week the book  had dropped to No. 102. But now it's soared up the list again, to No. 20 this week, thanks to a video of McRaven's speech that's caught fire on Facebook. 

Goalcast's video, posted on Aug. 16 with a link to the book, 
‘immediately struck a nerve,' says Grand Central's Caitlin

"The video has had incredible reach in a short period  of time and the admiral's message is resonating, yet again, with a new audience."

- Jocelyn McClurg, USA Today
What We Do
Expert Storytelling meets Viral Content Creation...
We're a team of expert storytellers with a deep understanding of today’s social media platforms.

We create videos that go viral everytime because we have perfected the art & science of sharing stories that change lives.

Facebook’s new algorithm changes reflect a new trend in our society...

People suffer from shallow content indigestion. They’re sick of it.

The art of sharing compelling stories is the most effective way of cutting through the noise of silly, click-baity content so you can start engaging millions of viewers and turn your story into a true message.

We know it, because we use the power of inspiring stories to engage over 10 million people daily!
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